Our philosophy at Jennifer's Café

Jennifer's Café is a neighborhood café that's worth driving any distance to get to. We're proud of what we've created. But we're not cocky because we know that, ultimately, we owe our success to our customers. We believe that if we sincerely treat our customers as our most important asset, they will come back again and again and bring their friends. Our many loyal customers from near and far will testify to this fact. We've seen so many other restaurants come and go but we remain steadfast.


Our recipe for success

Start with four brothers with a singular focus on making every customer as happy as possible. Keep the business family owned and operated for more than 25 continuous years. Offer a wide selection of time-tested customer favorites. Be genuinely child friendly and cheerfully serve custom meals to picky eaters who can't find what they want on the menu. (Offer the same to adults, too.) Offer all of this for very reasonable prices.

And a few more things that we avoid - following fads and using gimmicks - No strolling musicians, no dancing waiters, no karaoke or open mic nights, no wi-fi, no espresso, no sushi, no flaming cheese, no apple-tinis (or any alcohol). And most of all, no attitude, no pretensions.

If you are at all unhappy with any aspect of your meal, please tell your waitperson and we will make it right. And if you are happy with your experience please spread the word by telling a friend.